Test of "Bejeweled Blitz Live" for Xbox 360


A frenzied, fast-paced, pulse-racing, heart-pounding puzzler from Popcap Games ("Peggle", "Zuma" and "AstroPop") that you can play online, offline and in multiplayer. But whatever you do, you must finish in just 60 seconds, hence the name "Blitz".

This is essentially the "Lightning" mode from "Bejeweled 3". It is colourful, fun and highly competitive. The asking price of 800 Microsoft points initially seems steep, but that is only until you find yourself manically addicted to this version of the classic puzzle game that has become so popular on "Facebook".

Originality: 5/5
+ fun variants like "Bejeweled Twist"
+ base game remains unchanged

Graphics: 4/5
+ colourful, fun
– 20th century style of graphics

Gameplay: 4/5
+ lots of variants and modes
– customisable time limit required

Duration: 4/5
+ each game is one minute
– from five minutes to a marathon few hours

Soundtrack: 5/5
+ sound effects as good as the original

Plot: 4/5
– no plot as such
– just a series of mini-games

Overall: 4/5
+ addictive, fast-paced
– for die-hard "Bejeweled" fans only




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