Test of "Call of Mini: Zombies" on iPhone


The premise of "Call of Mini: Zombies", available from Apple’s AppStore, will no doubt appeal to fans of the "Dead Rising" franchise. Gamers find themselves in a small town infected by a mysterious virus that has transformed the population into zombies. Have you guessed the game’s objective? Exterminate as many of the foul creatures as possible! Let’s see if the iPhone version is up to scratch…

Originality: 2/5
+ the weapons
– banal premise

Graphics: 3/5
+ 3D production
– lack of readability

Gameplay: 3/5
+ accessible
– absence of a counter

Duration: 2/5
+ downloadable content
+ only one mode

Soundtrack: 4/5
+ adequate metal music
+ immersive sound effects

Plot: 1/5
– too basic

Overall: 3/5
+ fun
– not exceptional

"Call of Mini: Zombies" sur l’AppStore




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