Test of "Dead or Alive: Dimensions" on 3DS


Before the release of "Dead or Alive: Dimensions" on 3DS, we did hear a number of concerns regarding the quality standards of combat games on Nintendo’s new portable console. Would the movements be executed with sufficient fluidity in 3D? After testing it, we are at last reassured: we were expecting worse! In addition to solid production values, the title surprises thanks to playability that guarantees a good measure of fun.

Originality: 4/5
+ StreetPass feature
+ well-endowed characters

Graphics: 3/5
+ beautiful animations
– poor environments

Gameplay: 4/5
+ accessible
+ dynamic

Duration: 4/5
+ lots of modes
+ online confrontations

Soundtrack: 3/5
+ rousing
– repetition of old tracks

Plot: 2/5
+ summary of previous episodes
– too confused

Overall: 4/5
+ excellent surprise!
+ wealth of content

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