Test of "F.3.A.R" on PC


Just like the versions for HD consoles, "F.3.A.R" on PC has tantalised gamers for many months. Its promotional campaign, briskly executed by Warner Bros. Interactive, had emphasised the richness of the multiplayer functionality. In addition, with its terror-filled atmosphere and, at first sight, its carefully crafted production, this FPS seemed to come across as one of the most anticipated titles of the year. The verdict…

Originality: 3/5
+ 2 playable characters
– not such a unique atmosphere

Graphics: 2/5
+ detailed
– dated

Gameplay: 3/5
+ convincing IA
– lack of difficulty

Duration: 4/5
+ 4 multiplayer modes
– single player a bit short

Soundtrack: 4/5
+ suitably harrowing
– sometimes too discreet

Plot: 2/5
+ John Carpenter style
– difficult to follow

Overall: 3/5
+ better than the 2nd instalment
– not creepy enough

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