Test of "Shadows of the Damned" on PS3


The result of a bringing together of talent from the illustrious developers to whom we owe "Resident Evil" and "No More Heroes", "Shadows of the Damned" on the face of it benefited from some convincing credentials. Following in the footsteps of the Xbox 360 version, the PlayStation 3 edition is not devoid of flaws … we were perhaps too demanding. But this survival-horror is, all things considered, of reasonable quality.

Originality: 3/5
+ quirky scenes
– conventional production

Graphics: 2/5
+ good in places
– ordinary environments

Gameplay: 4/5
+ solid
– difficult confrontations

Duration: 3/5
+ playable several times
– ends too quickly

Soundtrack: 3/5
+ quality music
– too discreet

Plot: 2/5
+ not devoid of humour
– too predictable

Overall: 3/5
+ nice enough
– we were expecting better

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