"Tiny Lights": take on the role of luminous characters!


Not to be confused with the music group of the same name, "Tiny Lights" is a role-play game recently launched on the App Store. The iPhone version, in spite of its improvable graphics resolution, is fun and very entertaining.

Designed for a rather young audience, "Tiny Lights" gives the opportunity to take on the role of luminous characters, plunged into the heart of an adventure in a dark forest. The mission? To collect as many gold coins as possible whilst avoiding being eaten by the "Light Eaters".

We would have liked the explorable environments to be larger. It is possible to complete the game in just over an hour… frustrating! As a result, we don’t dare to complain about the controls which need to be customised. Since it provides a few extra minutes to spend in the original world of "Tiny Lights"!

"Tiny Lights" sur l’App Store




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